Welcome to OhioBuckets.com! "You either get better or you get worse, you never stay the same!" 

Welcome to OhioBuckets.com! We are an exclusive circle of Ohio's most talented youth basketball players. Proudly headquartered in Northern Ohio, Ohio Buckets takes tremendous pride in teaching the importance of competing at the highest level possible. With a maximum of two teams per grade level, we put an unrivaled focus on the growth and development of our players by providing them with every tool neccessary to be the best they can be, all while forming memorable friendships and experiences along the way.

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Jake Meisler
Email:  Jake@OhioBuckets.com
Phone:  (614) 800-8408
Website: OhioBuckets.com

Toby Miller
Email:  Toby@OhioBuckets.com
Phone:  (419) 603-1638
Website: OhioBuckets.com


Running tally of championships won by Ohio Buckets teams since 2012: