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We are a unique travel basketball program featuring many of the region's most talented prep stars.  Proudly headquartered in North-Central Ohio, we take tremendous pride in teaching kids the importance of competing at the highest level possible.  With an unrivaled focus on growth and development, we equip players with the tools and coaching to be the best they can be, all while forming memorable friendships and experiences along the way.

The #Buckethood has become a special part of our program.  Over the years, a close circle of coaches, players, parents and family members sharing their love for basketball has formed.  This group, insipired by the word "Brotherhood," holds a special place in our program today.   To learn more about the Buckethood, please click here.

As a visitor of this site, you may wonder what makes Ohio Buckets so special.  For that, we ask you to check out the history of our program below.  There are many reasons we believe in what we do, and we hope that you'll appreciate them as much as we do.


Today, choosing a spring basketball program for your child is not easy.  There are plenty of uncertainties, worries, financial burdens, and the all-around thought of your child not enjoying his experience.  Ohio Buckets works very hard to alleviate those concerns by placing an ultimate focus on caring about, and facilitating, the most optimal environment for your child.  We will be the first to tell you that the Buckets is NOT an entry-level basketball program.  We demand a serious level of commitment, love, passion and knowledge from both players and coaches.  We take tremendous pride in separating ourselves from the prototypical "AAU program" label.  As an Ohio Bucket, you can expect your child to be taken out of his or her comfort zone both mentally and physically, and placed in challenging situations in practices and games with an end goal of making the student a better, more well-rounded person and player.

A sturdy foundation of any team begins with the coach.  At Ohio Buckets, we believe "coach first, team second."  Nearly all Ohio Buckets coaches have some level of Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) coaching experience, at a respective K-12 level. The vast majority of Buckets coaches have certified OHSAA Junior High, Freshman, JV or Varsity experience, and will providing extremely high-level and effective practices each week.

In addition to being well-schooled, Buckets teams travel to some of the best tournaments in the Midwest.  Coaches make the ultimate decision, but have the ability to choose from a researched and calculated list of some of the best and most competitive tournaments available.

It is with great pride and excitement that we at Ohio Buckets take spring basketball as seriously as you and your child.  We hope, together, we can improve child's basketball skill set and IQ, but also create unforgettable memories along the way.



1783 CR 294

Vickery, OH 43465