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★ Home of the Buckets

We are a unique travel basketball program featuring many of Ohio's most talented prep stars.  Proudly headquartered in North-Central Ohio, we take tremendous pride in teaching kids the importance of competing at the highest level possible. With an unrivaled focus on growth and development, we equip players with the tools and coaching to be the best they can be, all while forming memorable friendships and experiences along the way.

The #BucketsFam has become a special part of our program.  Over the years, a close circle of coaches, players, parents and family members sharing their love for basketball has formed.  This group, tagged the Buckets Family, holds a special place in our program today.  To learn more about the #BucketsFam, please click here.

As a visitor of this site, you may wonder what makes Ohio Buckets so special. For that, we ask you to visit our Why Buckets? page.  There are many reasons we believe in what we do, and we hope that you'll appreciate them as much as we do.

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