Welcome to OhioBuckets.com! "You either get better or you get worse, you never stay the same!" 


Choosing a program for your child isn't easy.  There are many questions, costs and unknowns.  We will be the first to tell you that Ohio Buckets is NOT an entry-level basketball program.  We demand the most from our coaches and players, and take great pride in separating ourselves from the rest.  As an Ohio Bucket, you can expect your child to be taken out of his or her comfort zone, and put in challenging situations in practices and games, with an end goal of making the student a better, more experienced basketball player.


Coach first, team second.  Every Ohio Buckets coach assembles his or her OWN team.  Many area AAU programs have an expensive tryout, sign players up, collect money, and hope for a volunteer or parent to step up and coach. There are no "pick up" coaches here, and there are no costly tryouts.  Nearly all Ohio Buckets coaches have some level of OHSAA coaching experience, at a particular level (grades 4-12). In most cases, a certified OHSAA Junior High, Freshman, Junior Varsity or Varsity coach will be coaching your child in practices and games.


Buckets teams travel to some of the best tournaments in the Midwest. Coaches make the ultimate decision, but have the ability to choose from a researched and calculated list of the best and most competitive tournaments (Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virginia in most cases).  In addition to a high school-level practice, we hope to expose your child to some of the best talent, and put him or her in challenging situations both mentally and physically throughout the season.